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Wow, I've never posted here? Apparently not!

Okay. First thing I'm going to do when I can get to LJ again is save all my LJ stuff again.

Second -- find out from my various LJ/DW friends how to crosspost easily.

Third -- track down all my LJ/DW friends and make sure I'm in touch with them here, as well.

Fourth -- find all my favorite authors and figure out whether they've got their stuff posted anywhere but LJ.

Finally -- never, ever, ever again have only one part of a story open in a tab. If I start a multi-part story, either go through and open all the parts in different tabs, or maybe only read stories that can be downloaded all at once. Because, *damn*.

In other news: I'm having an awesome week. I've had enthusiastic responses to my invitations to our homeschool friends for the classes I'm offering in the fall (active citizenship and music), I'm going to be singing with a bunch of funky hippies, two regular gatherings that feed my spirit are going to be restarting next month (slow food and sacred song), I'm going to be reactivating the "children's caucus" at my volunteer gig, we're doing well with prepping for Sarah's pop-up restaurant, and the exercise I've been doing finally feels like it's kicking in. Oh, and I've made some decisions about my immediate future and I'm feeling really good about them.

Now to go see if I can find all my LJ friends in exile...


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