Feb. 1st, 2017

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I'm taking a class on mindfulness for Educators, preparing for my next career move. This week we're asked to keep a gratitude journal, writing for 5 minutes each day about the things we're grateful for. This seems like a good place for that.

I'm grateful for:
* the recommendation for our basement drying company, I've been very pleased with everything except their communication consistency and it's so good to feel confident about the work they've donef
* our emergency fund (it was eaten by the basement repairs but without it things would have been even more stressful)
* all the friendly, helpful, competent employees at the hotel we've been staying at
* our home insurance which should at least help a little with the cost of repairs
* all the friends who offered assistance and support -- people who offered a place to stay, people who offered other practical support, people who've reached out to check in on us and see how we're doing
* the friendly car salesman who chats with me a bit every time he walks through the waiting room (I've been at the mechanics for nearly 3 hours, waiting for the car to be done) -- he's striking that perfect balance between charm and professionalism so that it's pleasant attention without being at all overbearing or awkward
* getting back into the house, knowing we'll be able to sleep there tonight
* my colleagues from the school who made me feel very appreciated when I saw them yesterday
* all my free school skills which have prepared me to help make a difference
* tea
* my gorgeous yard and my garden plans
* my little family, and the fact that we'll be spending this evening together at home, playing board games and having parallel project time
* more about my little family -- how well we worked together to get through these weeks, and how we support each other always, and how they took care of me when I needed it last week (acute anxiety episode early in the week)
* our health -- we all have small things we need to take care of, but for the most part we are all quite healthy, which is a great blessing
* getting back to our usual routines, especially our evening mindfulness practice, our family time, our weekend rhythms.
* my extended family who I know I could lean on if I needed to
* all the activists everywhere who are taking a stand and working on their little corners of the world
* all the folks who are waking up into activism for the first time
* knowing I'll be seeing A next week -- we missed our November plans so it's been nearly 5 months
* my new (ish) black jeans that I love and which are so sturdy
* having enough to eat and a warm, dry house and a clean kitchen (we did some serious cleaning before leaving for the week)

Okay, that was more than 5 minutes. More tomorrrow.


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